We are no longer former Pixelhunters with a new name.

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We have now thanks to our Crash Bandicoot release more than doubled our monthly listeners. Sure, Crash Bandicoot is nowhere near the 350k+ plays on Spotify that Cave Story have BUT while producing under the name Pixelhunters we had a monthly listeners arount 5-6k with about 15k plays per month (Spotify stats) but we are right now in this moment at over 16k monthly listeners with over 40k plays per month.

Here is a graph over our Spotify stats since we changed our name:

It makes us really happy to see this and its stuff like this that really keeps us motivated to actually keep on producing more music for all of you to enjoy.

As we have said earlier we dont really have so much time as we would like to for the music production but we are doing our best and as earlier post have mentioned we are in full progress of a Megaman X remix. No ETA on it tho. You will just have to wait some more… Sorry.

The new homepage is soon done as well. Just some more info etc that is gonna get in but the design is finished. Hope you enjoy it.

Under construction

Pixel Pirates News Comments

We are currently building the new HomePage live so there will be a lot of different changes in the close future. We are also working on the next singel of course. Right now we are working on Megaman X. A Classic from the old SNES console. If that one will be the next release is not yet known. 

Crash Bandicoot @ Spotify Playlists & Radio

Pixel Pirates News Comments

In just 17 days our Crash Bandicoot song made it to the Spotify Playlists & Radio.

That is something that took us years to achieve with our Cave Story single back in the days when we were starting under the name Pixelhunters and we have not yet achieved it on any other single we have released ever.

Thank you all for the love you have given to our latest release. Things like this really keeps us motivated to keep producing more music.

Crash Bandicoot

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Today our latest release Crash Bandicoot was released on Soundcloud & Youtube and it will soon be released on Spotify and iTunes etc as well. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

No more Pixelhunters.

Pixel Pirates News Comments

Due to some trademark problems we now had to let go of the name Pixelhunters after 4 years and are now going under the name Pixel Pirates instead. Same music & same guys just a new name.

Here you will be able to follow our progress in the music world and we will keep you all informed as good as we can.

Dont forget to follow us on our new facebook as well: PixelPiratesMusic